August 25, 2019

It's not enough that we've been traumatizing children by putting them in cages along the border.

It's not enough that we've been rounding up American citizens of Hispanic descent and putting them into detention.

It's not enough to deny basic care to women and children who have already endured long, dangerous treks across Mexico.

It's not enough to declare a fake immigration crisis while creating an actual humanitarian crisis.

No, none of that is enough to the Trump administration (read Nazi Stephen Miller), who apparently believes that having melanin is a criminal offense.

The Trump administration announced this month that they are re-interpreting the Flores Agreement to now indefinitely detain immigrant families (under the disgusting rationale that it's more humane to keep them all imprisoned as a family forever than just releasing the children after 20 days as the law requires. Further, Trump himself has determined that he has the power under Executive Order to abolish the 14th Amendment birthright (although that presumably does not include white women from Russia who rent Trump properties to give birth).

And nary a word from his Republican enablers in the Senate as he goes about threatening to literally edit out constitutional rights. Go figure.

So imagine how stunning it is to have media call this out for exactly the disgusting amorality this is. Linette Lopez of Business Insider minced no words about this white supremacist regime:

It's a human rights violation and it's disgusting our president-- the human rights violator--is sitting there with the rest of the G-7 and pretending he cares about their values.

Again, the word 'values.'

The insulting thing about this is that the President of the United States doesn't think the rest of the country cares about human life. The President of the United States thinks he can throw this in front of our faces as Americans and we're going to accept it; that we're going to say it's okay.

His surrogates are not even smart. His surrogate went out there and was supposed to not say it was a deterrent and he broke in the interview.

These people are not talented, but they do assume, they make the assumption that we are as amoral as they are and we will swallow the same agenda that they're willing to push on us. We should be insulted as Americans that our president thinks we have so little moral rectitude. That we’ve been taught so wrong in American schools and churches and every social gathering in this country. We should be insulted that our president thinks we’re like him.

Damn, how refreshing to hear something so honest on cable news.

This was absolutely the political theory of Steve Bannon: tear down the country and remake it in his image. The chaos, the pitting of groups against each other, punching down to the most vulnerable to project strength. This is also the perfect manifestation of Vladimir Putin's great decades-long drive to strike down the US as a superpower. Neither one could possibly have a better partner in destroying America than Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

Because none of those men care one bit about all the human lives they're hurting. They don't care about the planet they're destroying. They don't care about the decades of trauma that will survive their sad little lives. And they're counting on all of us fighting amongst each other to ignore their evil.

It is imperative that we take this time between now and November 2020 to speak to our neighbors, our communities and energize the vote to reject exactly that arrogant assumption in numbers too large to ignore or disenfranchise.


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