September 3, 2019

On CNN's New Day, an update on the latest about Hurricane Dorian.

"The National Hurricane Center just gave a new update as to the strength and the path of this storm. Let's go right to Chad Myers in the weather center. What's it look like as we hit here at 6:00 a.m.?" John Berman said.

Myers said the storm moved "about 6 miles in the past 24 hours."

"This is a 24 hour satellite loop. The eye is getting a little bit smaller, which means some of the winds may be getting more intense around the middle. Right now, the maximum wind is 120. We are still watching the radar, still watching bands come on shore. Every time one of the bands get close to you, moves over you, and the rain comes down, the wind picks up. It will pick up 20 to 30 miles per hour compared to the consistent wind speed.

"Here is the new track, completely offshore for the cone. The hurricane center will tell you, only 2/3 of all the storms are inside the cone. 1/6 on this side. 1/6 on that side. That's how they build the cone. They want to be at least somewhere in a 2/3 category. By the time they get to North Carolina, it's pretty darn close as a category 2. The storm moves up the east coast."

In the meantime, Grand Bahama Island is still getting pounded.


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