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Joy Reid Destroys Jack Kingston's GOP Talking Points: 'Ukraine Did Nothing To Us'

No matter how hard Jack Kingston tried, he could not make those GOP talking points magically be true.

Joy Reid's "debate" on Sunday with former Congressman Jack Kingston was a sight to behold. Every straw man knocked down, every lie debunked right there in real time. Altogether, there was about 20 minutes of debunkery, but the most elegant and relevant piece was at the beginning when she destroyed every Republican talking point related to their lie that Ukraine was the REAL culprit who interfered in the 2016 election.

After playing a few clips of Republican lies, Reid turned to her guest and asked him what he thought. I nearly laughed out loud when he started talking about corporate partnerships with Russia, as if that is what we are dealing with here. But Joy came to the rescue:

This is different, this is not just saying we should allow Procter and Gamble in there. If Russia says Ukraine is the real guilty party in 2016. we believe it. John Kennedy, you heard him. Even though he's been told and Nunes is the ranking member of the House Intelligence committee. They're saying that Ukraine did it. What is that?

How do you think he answered? That's right. BOTH SIDES. Seriously.

"They're saying both of them have done it," Kingston replied.

Reid shot back, "Both of them did not do it. Ukraine did nothing to us."

More back and forth before Reid got him to admit that he was trying to say that the DNC server was hacked by Ukraine because there are Russian sympathizers in Ukraine, as if the actual hack was not traced back to RUSSIAN hackers in St. Petersburg, a fact which Robert Mueller spent 200 pages of his report meticulously documenting.

"The whole first half is about the attack on the DNC and what played out afterwards," Reid corrected. "Our intelligence services -- we have 16 of them -- They have definitively determined it was a Russian outfit in Russia. Russian attacked the DNC server."

"Crowdstrike, they're a company that the Republican party also hires to secure their servers. They're based in California. They have nothing to do with this. They're the company that the DNC hired because they knew they have been hacked," she continued.

"There is literally nothing Ukraine had to do with the DNC. I just want you to know that."

At the end of this one segment, Joy Reid left his all his talking points about Russia, Ukraine, impeachment, sanctions and Moscow Mitch in a smoldering heap of ashes.

And for good measure, she got Kingston to admit that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections. What a masterful interview. Chuck Todd should take lessons.

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