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Rep. Ted Lieu Scorches Senate GOP: 'Basically A Quivering Mass Of Jello'

Except, of course, for Mitt Romney.

Chris Jansing asked California Democratic Representative Ted Lieu his thoughts about Attorney General Bill Barr's latest slicing and dicing of legal decency at the Justice Department, and, as usual Rep. Lieu did not mince words. Jansing specifically brought up the possibility of impeaching Barr (hahahaha), which is a Constitutional remedy, but it's never been done before, and even if the House tried to use its legal oversight authority to reign in Barr, we all know what would happen in the Senate. She asked him what the solution was to Trump and Barr turning the DOJ into Trump's "personal law firm."

REP. LIEU: So, other than Senator Mitt Romney, all of the Senate Republicans are basically a quivering mass of jello. They're simply going to bow down, kneel before Donald Trump. As a result, the only folks that can now hold Donald Trump accountable are the American people in November, and my view is, the House Judiciary Committee, on which I sit, needs to continue to expose this misconduct and outrageous behavior of the administration, so the American people can have the information they need before they vote.

The only remedy is the election in November, and not just the presidential election. The Senate needs to flip, as well. Of course, raise your hand if you think there is any chance in hell the November election won't be horrendously compromised through illegal voter suppression, foreign interference, electronic tampering, and/or all of the above.

When Jansing asked Rep. Lieu if he was surprised more people in Congress haven't spoken up against Trump and Barr, given the fact that so many of them are actual, you know, LAWYERS, he said, "Well, actually, the ones who are Democrats speak up. GOP? Not so much. And does that surprise me? Nope."

REP LIEU: Well, there are members of Congress that are Democrats, we have stood up to Donald Trump. There are ones you mentioned who are Republicans and have kneeled before him and bowed down. That's very disappointing to me. Last term the American people flipped the House because they saw the Republican-controlled House essentially enable every crazy thing Donald Trump wanted, and they flipped the House. I think the U.S. Senate is going to be flipped this November because the American people actually want a check and balance. They don't just want people who bow down to one man.

So, yeah, flipping the Senate would be awesome. First though, we need to overcome all the illegal barriers to the fair election Trump and the GOP will throw at us, and as far as I can tell, the only way to do that is to overwhelm them with turnout, baby. Make sure you're registered. Make sure your family and friends are registered, and have a way to get to the polls. Whether or not they are in a safe state, district, county, or whatever.

Get thee to the polls, do you hear me???

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