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Eric Swalwell Points Out Trump's Lies, Fox Hostess Lectures Him On 'Unifying The Country'

Martha McCallum's network did not "pull the country together" during ANY crisis from Jan 2009-Jan 2017. To Hell with her.

Acyn Torabi said it best: "Apparently, if you mention that the President has made false statements about the Coronavirus, you get a lecture from a Fox News host about unity."

After Trump's disasterous "speech" Wednesday night, Congressman Eric Swalwell took one for the team and appeared with a dose of reality on Fox News.

Martha McCallum clutched her pearls and called for "unifying the nation" in spite of TRUMP LYING.

Martha McCallum and her network didn't give a rat's butt about "unifying the nation" during the Obama administration, but I digress.

Read the transcript of Martha's pearl-clutching via Media Matters:

ERIC SWALWELL: I'm frankly most concerned about the president. I just saw a news story today that he's made 29 false claims about the coronavirus. So, it seems like you can have the best intentions, the best experts, everyone doing what we're supposed to do, and then the person at the top can set us back with misinformation.

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): Yeah, I don't even think that -- I'm not sure that's particularly helpful either.

I mean, I think there've been -- a lot of, you know -- I'm saying -- you know, whoever came up with these 29 claims, it's like -- I think -- we don't actually know how this is going to evolve. So, they're trying to keep people --

SWALWELL: Well, I think -- yeah, I think, you know, his tweet that this is just like the flu -- like you just said, it's not the flu.

MACCALLUM: No, but there's -- but that's -- you know, I'm just saying that in order to, you know, sort of engender an atmosphere where we are working together, pulling together as a country, you know, sort of enumerating things -- I just think it's very difficult to know where this thing is going, and I think that a lot of people say things on both sides that may not end up being true.

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