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Scarborough Chides GOPers Who Are Calling To Let Senior Citizens Die

Why on earth is he shocked?

Commenting on the growing number of Republicans saying we'll have to let people die in order to save the economy, Joe Scarborough says it looks like Republicans are willing to let people did in order to keep taking in corporate campaign contributions.

"So this -- I don't know what -- I grew up in a baptist church and I heard a lot about abortion on the front end of life and euthanizing seniors on the other side of life. Let me just be clear: if we have scientists and doctors and medical professionals who have spent their lives using their God-given skills to save lives and you have the ability to help them save lives and you are telling the president not to do that, that is killing," Scarborough said.

"In fact, that's -- there's no way that you can say, well, abortion's bad but killing a senior citizen, and by the way, it's now -- the nurse that died in the hospital was 48 years old and healthy. Got bad news for you, a lot of 30 and 40-year-olds are getting this and dying of it. So this argument that we're going to just let senior citizens die because they're no longer productive, that's the argument that is taking hold in the Republican party."

"The president's a senior citizen, Mitch McConnell's a senior citizen," Mika said.

"They're cloistered. They're protected. they're not like the 93-year-old Vietnam vet that's in a nursing home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, right now, cut off from his children, cut off from his grandchildren. It's not like the 87-year-old grandmother who gave her entire life, maybe a single mom who raised the kids after their father may have left or their father may have died in a war, and now she's 87 years old and alone and scared in a nursing home where her children and grandchildren can't visit, can't even send them mail in some places from what I've heard, and they're sitting there alone, afraid that they're dying, and they're hearing the president's aides say people just -- you know what? People are going to die. Let's just thin out the herd. So America's GDP can rise faster," Scarborough said.

"I don't know. I don't know who these people are that think this way, but they're out there, and their voices are growing stronger as more Americans die."

We know who they are. They're corporatist Republicans, and caring about "life" was always a thin veneer over their real agenda. So let's be honest, Joe.

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