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'Shut Up!' Dem Senator Slams GOP Colleagues For Holding Up Stimulus Bill

Senator Mazie Hirono is out of patience with her selfish Republican colleagues.

Senator Mazie Hirono is out of patience with her selfish Republican colleagues, especially Senators Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham and Rick Scott Ben Sasse. They are holding up the passage of a massive stimulus bill with massive corporate subsidies because some poor schmuck in Alabama might get more in his unemployment check than he does in his paycheck.

Let that sink in for a minute. The bill provides that the usual unemployment benefit will be bumped up by $600 per check to replace income lost while the nation locks down to slow the spread of COVID-19. Because states like Alabama and Florida have such stingy unemployment benefits, a worker might receive more in his/her unemployment check than they would in their paycheck.

Hence, the Senators' objections. Senator Mazie Hirono objects to their objections. Strongly. Here's what she told Ali Velshi in response to his question about their stall.

I find the utmost of selfishness to hold up this huge bill that's going to help working people because some states pay so little in unemployment compensation that in our effort to craft something that would be fair to the majority of workers that some of the workers in these states, some of the poorer states will get a little bit more. I think that speaks a lot to what these people are talking about. Were it not for the 72 hours that we fought for workers and for what Chuck Schumer refers to as the Marshal Plan, the same people who brought us the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the richest people and companies in our country would be getting what they want. Once again, very little for the workers, and that's why we fought so hard.

Concluding, she told Velshi: "It's amazing to me that some of my colleagues are saying we're giving too much for these people who are getting so little already. I just want to say, hey, SHUT UP."

Can I hear an AMEN?

Correction: It was Graham, Sasse and Tim Scott, not Rick Scott. I regret the error.

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