April 15, 2020

It's so funny how Jeanine Pirro speaks out against Vote-By-Mail, while at the same time giving the game away about Voter ID.

Her claim is that voting by mail means bad illegal voting will happen and that ballots will do an end-run around voter ID laws. Check out her word salad:

JEANINE PIRRO: Everything is wrong with it, Tucker. And I will tell you why. If you want to guarantee that every your vote is going to be counted, if you want to guarantee that every vote that is counted is real, it’s got to be at a polling place or it’s got to be in a situation where there is not this possibility of mass absentee ballots or harvesting of ballots, and I will tell you why. The problem with an absentee ballot or any of these ballots which are then capable of being harvested, or one person gathers a whole bunch of them is that you’ve got to get it on time. You’ve got to get it returned to the post office and postmark on time. You’ve got to put very specific information on the envelope, maybe including your driver’s license. If you get any of that wrong or a mistake in your driver’s license number, it is invalidated. Or let’s say, an innocent clerk reads that license number improperly, that’s invalidated.

It's Jeanine's Ghostbusters moment: Fire and brimstone coming from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria!

The problem with that is that US Military and several states have been voting by mail/absentee ballot for eons without the disaster Pirro claims will unfold. And Trump himself voted by mail.

Voter ID is the way Republicans have "gathered a whole bunch" of desirable voters and hung the rest outside of our democracy.

The days of Republicans deciding who CAN'T vote must end forever.


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