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Peter Navarro Doesn't See Racism Because He Drank From A 'Colored-Only' Water Fountain Once

The depths the Republican Party has sunk under Donald Trump's racist and xenophobic rule has been vast and his trade advisor is typical of their racist dimwittedness.

Peter Navarro, told The Hill that he's frustrated that our country is focusing on rampant law enforcement abuse and cop murder within Black community instead of the "real problems in this country."

(I can barely listen to this jackass anymore and I've covered Republican liars since 2004, almost every day for going on sixteen years.)

Navarro, trade advisor and staunch supporter of Donald Trump, was on CNN for a myopic interview and then relayed an off-the-wall story via The Hill for no apparent reason.

Navarro tried to explain why he's somehow colorblind and doesn't understand the race problems in America because he was told not to drink from a colored water fountain when he was 8.

"My awakening on the race issue is when he was eight years old in a Woolworth's store in West Palm Beach Florida," he said.

"When I walked over and I took a drink from a colored water fountain, because I wanted to see colored water, and this, this woman came up to me and gently said you can't drink from that. Why? That's for colored people. And it didn't make any sense to me."

You were eight years old! Why is racism supposed to make sense to a child? Racism is taught, not genetically predisposed.

"None of these racial divisions have made any sense to me," he said.

Maybe Peter needs to discuss it with his white supremacist boss.

And then he brought the great state of California into the mix and claimed the state is racism free.

"We don't see race out there," he said. And yes, it wasn't a satirical remark

Except of course he's old enough to remember the Watts riots, the Rodney King beating video, the police acquittal and and then riots, etc.

See no evil, hear no evil, right Peter?

After trying to downplay racism he then shat on the entire Black population of America.

Navarro said, "It troubles me that we have so much of this discussion when in fact we have got real problems in this country."


It's always comforting to hear an old white wealthy man,who has never been abused because of the color of his skin, dismiss racism.

Please, f**k off.

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