September 8, 2020

Right-wing nutcase Dave Daubenmire is absolutely incensed that he is being told to follow the same pandemic rules as everyone else in the nation. Namely, several establishments over the course of this day he recorded this dumbf*ck video refused him entry unless he wore a mask. According to Right Wing Watch:

Daubenmire was furious because he had several confrontations the day before with employees at various establishments over his steadfast refusal to wear a mask. Recounting an argument he had with the manager of a T-Mobile store, Daubenmire reportedly compared the store’s refusal to allow him into the store without a mask to refusing to provide service to someone who is Black.

“I ain’t wearing no mask,” Daubenmire declared. “I know the mask doesn’t work, and I’m not going to wear my mask to make the worker at T-Mobile feel better. I’m not gonna do that. That’s bearing false witness.”

Okay, no, it's not.

It's not anything like bearing false witness. Isn't this guy supposed to know sh*t about religion? He has a cross on his baseball hat and everything. Maybe it's just a lower-case "t".

Bearing false witness is just LYING, Dave. Wearing a mask so the employee feels better isn't lying, you pasty douchenozzle, wearing a mask to make an employee feel better is being considerate.

Then, our Dave claimed he had a heart condition, and then wondered if maybe he'd even had it since birth. (Pssst...Dave...are you bearing false witness about THAT?) And he took it where all white men terrified at the prospect of racial equality like to take things.

Yes, Dave Daubendouche went there. Because of course he did.

“And then I really pulled the trump card,” Daubenmire recounted. “I said, ‘I think I was born with this medical condition. I’m not sure. I think I was. And I want to ask you something ma’am: Would you refuse to serve somebody because they’re Black?'”

“I was born with this condition, ma’am, and you would not ask a Black man to step outside of the the building and you’re not going to ask me to do it,” he concluded. “She stormed away, as you can probably imagine. Ruined my whole day.”

Shall I? Okay. Allow me.

Dear Dave Dustyballs,

  1. She absolutely WOULD have asked a Black man to step outside the building if he refused to wear a mask.
  2. Refusing someone service because they are Black is NOT the same thing as refusing them service because they will not follow the rules of the store to keep employees and customers safe. There are laws against racial discrimination of this sort, which is actually oppression.
  3. Wearing a mask is not a form of oppression. It does not keep you from buying a house, obtaining an education, getting a job, getting arrested for simply walking down the street. None of these terrible things will happen to people for wearing masks.

You just feel "oppressed" because you aren't being allowed to do whatever the hell you damn please. But in all truth, you're not even feeling oppressed. That isn't what oppression feels like. Having your day ruined because you couldn't go into T-Mobile unless you wore your damn mask is NOT what oppression feels like. What you are feeling is privileged and bratty, and I know that because you're having a tantrum about something minimally inconvenient to you.

If you want even try to imagine what oppression feels like to people who experienced it, read Incidents In The LIfe Of A Slave Girl.

Or maybe make friends with an actual Black person.

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