October 11, 2020

The White House does not care if you get COVID. They do not care if you die from COVID. They do not care if you pass COVID on to your kids, your parents, your coworkers or your friends.

The White House only cares about the economy and allowing Trump to hold rallies. That is their only two priorities right now. They have made it clear for months and they have zero plans to let up on those goals, even after Donald Trump himself contracted COVID just 9 days ago.

Jake Tapper interviewed Larry Kudlow, who actually appeared to not be under the influence of anything today. Good job, Larry! Jake hammered Kudlow on the lack of social distancing at the BLEXIT event on Saturday and the continued focus on having more rallies.

Kudlow did not seem to care about the risks at all.

TAPPER: Hundreds of people not social distancing on the White House lawn yesterday but they were wearing masks. I want you to listen to this.

(Fauci clip)

The data speak for themselves. We had a super spreader event in the White House and it was in a situation where people were crowded together and were not wearing masks so the data speak for themselves.

(end clip)

TAPPER: President Trump said he may have contracted the virus at big events at the White Hhouse. but he is hitting the campaign trail now. How is this not a risk to the health if not lives of your own supporters?

KUDLOW: Well, look. On that big do in the White House lawn, the operations people signed off on it. I have great respect for Dr. Tony Fauci who is a longtime friend of mine. I'm not the medical scientist. Here is what I know. As you said at the top, today, Dr. Sean Conley or last night released a document that said the president is healthy, he has abided by the CDC, he is no longer contagious. I think that fits the bill. I have not seen the president in the last few days. I have spoken to him on the phone. A lot of people have been with him said he is fine, he is peppy, he has been smart again and he really is in healthy condition. So it seems like the conditions are being met. And he will go on ahead --

TAPPER: I'm concerned about his supporters' health.

KUDLOW: I understand.

TAPPER: As somebody who likes you and wants you to live a long, long life, I hope you stay safe but I don't know if the people at the White House are as concerned about people who work at the White House and Trump's own supporters as I am. It's not safe to have big rallies.

KUDLOW: I appreciate it, Jake, what you said earlier. That is very kind. Look. There will be masks at these rallies. There will be social distancing at these rallies. There will be appropriate testing. A lot of these places you get tested on the way in. Most of all we have to stick to the hygiene issues, washing your hands and face and so forth. These things can be done. We can do that and that is what the experts have said and why I wanted to raise that great Barington compromise documents that needs to see the light of day like 5,000 people are basically saying what I'm saying. I can he can go through with it. You know his message.

TAPPER: We got to go, Larry.

KUDLOW: ...Abundance, optimism. low taxes and low regulations.

TAPPER: I get it.

KUDLOW: ...will survive this economy and he did it once and will do it a second time.

White House Election 2020 Goals: Fewer temper tantrums from Donald Trump, more rallies to make Trump happy, deny COVID risks, avoid prison, pretend the economy is doing great, ignore reality, gaslight 42% of the country.


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