After CNN reporter Kyung Lah cornered Arizona Senate President Karen Fann in the parking lot for an interview, John Berman eviscerated her "intellectually dishonest" conspiracy theories.
May 26, 2021

Karen Fann, Arizona Senate's president, put her truly dizzying intellect on display in an interview she couldn't escape granted CNN's Kyung Lah. According to John Berman, Fann had turned down a dozen requests for interview. Thankfully, Lah was able to keep up with Fann's lightning logic and highlight her deep-seated integrity with regard to unicorns and teapots that circle the sun.

FANN: I don't know what's legit, what isn't legit, but why wouldn't we answer those questions?

LAH: You're questioning democracy.

FANN: No. I'm questioning the integrity of the election system.

LAH: Which is the backbone of the democracy.

FANN: That's right. Which means we should have full, 100% confidence in our democracy, and in our election system.

See what I mean?

Lah goes on to explain to Fann the problematic nature of disproving conspiracy theories, or proving negatives. Fann, bless her coal black heart, thinks she's grasping it.

"If I have to, yes, why wouldn't we? If somebody says something is out there, I would love to be able to say, 'That's not true, guys,'" said Fann. See? She's really on the side of TRUTH!

Fann then tries to give Lah a taste of her own truth-serum, asking her if LAH was positive every single vote in Arizona pure.

"Are you 100% confident that every vote that came in in Arizona or any other state, can you say emphatically 100% that no dead people voted, that ballots weren't filled out by other people, that the chain of custody from the minute people voted, their ballots, that the chain of custody was accurate and on target the entire time? Can you tell me that?" Fann asked, positive she'd gotten one over on Lah.

Oh, but Lah was on to her. "I can say what the data shows us is there was no widespread fraud."

CURSES! Time for another approach...

"No, no. I didn't say there was fraud," said Fann...

Now wait just a goddamned minute. You recruited every knuckle-dragging, dusty-a$$ed, drooling GQP, pedophile-defending white supremacist you can find putting their grubby, greasy fingers on every single ballot cast by Maricopa County citizens, and you won't say you think there was fraud, Karen? Not to mention, daring, DARING to pretend you give a rat's a$$ about chain of custody? (That, of course, is what *I* would have said. Kyung Lah remained professional.)

Lah reminded her that a fraction of a second before, she'd said that there was fraud. "But you said chain of custody, dead people, these things are all fraud."

Ignoring the mirror Lah held up to her own face, Fann repeated her completely bogus question.

"Can you honestly tell me in all of the states that no ballots from people who are already deceased were not filled out and sent in?"

Lah repeated her answer, adding that it was the most secure election in American history. Fann insisted she wasn't answering the question, even after Lah had answered it twice. Her basis for that conclusion? Lah's answer shouldn't include anything about what the data says. The mind boggles.

When Lah insists data is actually what should be driving our conclusions about whether or not fraud took place, Krafty Karen changed tactics, shifting her focus to tRaNsPaReNcY.

"First of all, when we talk about transparency, from day one the entire process has been live-streaming," declared Fann proudly.

Unimpressed, Lah said, "On OAN, with cameras controlled by OAN."

Taking umbrage, Fann asked, "Are you saying OAN is not a credible news source?

Lah said, simply, "Yes."

Fann could barely clutch her pearls fast enough. "Are you saying that? Okay. I'll remember that. CNN is saying OAN is not a credible one."

"Yes," Lah emphasized, apparently not having the good sense (/s) to be intimidated by this Karen's Karen-like behavior.

Who, besides me, was waiting for Fann to ask for Lah's manager?

John Berman and Brianna Keilar understandably fangirled all over that incredible piece of reporting by Kyung Lah, and Berman completely dismantled Fann's positions.

"Karen Fann's argument is intellectually dishonest, and it's one of the oldest dishonest arguments in the books. You know, Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher called it Russell's Teapot, he said, if someone's gonna claim that there's a teapot rotating around the sun, it's not my job to prove there's not," said Berman.

"If someone's gonna make a bogus, ridiculous statement, it's not my job to prove there's not a teapot rotating around the sun. It's hers to present actual real evidence in the case....It's intellectually dishonest, and you heard her making that case to Kyung, there, whom, Kyung, frankly, wasn't having it," he concluded.

Keilar made the point, however, that Fann is not only convinced she is talking sense, millions agree with her, and there are more challenges like this coming down the pike.

"She seems very convinced of this. Yes, it is intellectually dishonest, but as she is seeing this, it makes complete sense, and there's so many people who support that point of view who are in support of this audit that you're seeing in Arizona, which she also seemed to be previewing as something that will happen again in the's like you're projecting that you're going to challenge the outcome of every election you don't like," Keilar cautioned.

But then John Berman said something very upsetting about Big Foot and I had to go lie down.

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