September 5, 2021

In a fiery segment on CNN, Jim Acosta absolutely eviscerated on the race-baiting "human manure spreader" Tucker Carlson and his far right, religious zealot friends in the the Republican party. The segment is split in three main themes:

  1. the absolute hatred of Afghan refugees (which reinforces the White Replacement Theory Tuckems loves to push,)
  2. the hatred and fear of any meaningful oversight by Democrats over the GOP Capitol riot on January 6th, and
  3. the Texas abortion law that effectively overturns Roe v. Wade.

Here is the first segment, during which Acosta shreds Carlson, MAGA media, and the GOP on refugees and the threats of the GOP regarding January 6th committee oversight.

ACOSTA: Leading figures on the far right have been sounding the alarm on Afghanistan evacuees all week. The refugees are coming. The refugees are coming.

(clip of the dumbest member of Congress, Rep. Louie Gohmert)

People being brought in here, there is a significant percentage that are future Boston marathon bombers because they're not doing adequate vetting.

(end clip, we all lost 5 IQ points)

ACOSTA: Over on FOX, Human Manure Spreader, Tucker Carlson has floated yet another race baiting conspiracy theory that tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are being sent over to this country in order to change the outcome of elections.

(clip of Human Manure Spreader)

HMS: Many will be allowed to move around the United States and stay permanently. They didn't seem to encounter any problems in doing this, thanks to meticulous and thoughtful planning. Operation Change America came off precisely according to plan. It worked flawlessly.

(end clip)

ACOSTA: Did he say Operation Change America Forever? I think change is already in the air. We had an insurrection eight months ago, an insurrection that, let's face it, hasn't really ended. In part because you have Republican members of Congress using this kind of rhetoric.

(clip of insurrectionist cheerleader, Madison Cawthorn)

If our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it's going to lead to one place and that's bloodshed. And I will tell you, as much as I am willing to depend our liberty at all costs, there's nothing that I dread doing more than having to pick up arms against a fellow American.

(end clip)

ACOSTA: The threatening language does not end there. In response to the January 6 Committee requesting the phone records of lawmakers, some of whom may have been in touch with the insurrectionists, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement warning the telecom companies that cooperating with the Committee, quote, a public majority will not forget. That sounded an awful lot like what Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had to say.

(clip of human troll doll)

MTG: These telecommunications companies, they better not play with these Democrats, because Republicans are coming back into the majority in 2022 and we will take this very serious. These telecommunications companies, if they go along with this, they will be shut down and that's a promise.

CARLSON: Good, I hope they're afraid of you. They should be. They're very short-sighted. They think Democrats will rule forever but they should be afraid to weigh in to policy partisans like this.

(end clip)

ACOSTA: Congressman Taylor Greene. If they go along with this, they will be shut down. Congressman Cawthorn. It's going to lead to one place and it's bloodshed. Operation Change America Forever, indeed.

Then Acosta moved onto the horrifying Texas abortion law that was signed into law in May 2021, banning all abortions after 6 weeks, which is before most women even first realize that they are even pregnant. This law ends most abortions in the state of Texas. Most LEGAL abortions, that is. Illegal abortions will still happen, and women will die. Acosta made an excellent comparison to the Handmaid's Tale.

ACOSTA: Times are changing down in Texas. That's where a bizarre new law all but prohibits abortion and creates a so-called bounty system that allows ordinary people to sue health care providers and just about anyone who helps a woman get the procedure.


If you're getting a Handmaid's Tale vibe from this, you're not alone. Apologies if you haven't seen the show, but when they say Under His Eye in Texas, do they now mean Greg Abbott? Who is going to be doing the snitching? Watch out for Aunt Lydia down the street. Certainly it won't be the same people saying "my body, my choice" when it comes to mask mandates.

Tying it all together in a neat little package, Acosta concludes the real danger to America is not refugees. It is not Democrats seeking answers about the insurrection. It is not women seeking access to women's healthcare. IT IS THE AMERICAN TALIBAN: also known as the Republican Party.

ACOSTA: What will we tell the Afghan refugees who just fled those schools for girls back in their home country? I guess the girls here will have to fill them in. Unfortunately, what we will tell them is that some members of the far right in this country have apparently decided they will resort to intimidation, and in some cases, even violence to get what they want. And they could sweep into power faster than the experts thought possible. Sound familiar? Sort of like an American Taliban. It is starting to look like a combination of theocracy and thugocracy. The leaders of this MAGA band movement, people Marjorie, Madison and Tucker, they're not counting on a lack of planning on your part. They're counting on a lack of courage to stand up for your rights in this country. Does that ring a bell?

The anti-immigration, anti-democratic, anti-women's rights parties have all sought these kinds of changes for years, even decades, in this country. Their operation to change America forever is well underway. It's just changing in a way they don't want you to see.

The real danger to America is the Republican Party. Until Democrats realize the extent of that, we are at serious risk of losing our country, maybe forever. Next time the GOP is in control, they will roll out so many laws, both federal and state level, that it will be impossible for Democrats to ever win an election again. Minority rule will be the future of our country. The danger is WITHIN our borders.

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