The talking heads on Fox "news" conflate socialism with oligarchy and call Trudeau and Biden "autocrats" while defending the trucker "protest" at the U.S.-Canada border.
February 13, 2022

The talking heads on Fox “news” love to conflate socialism, Marxism, and communism. They continually lump them into one big box, along with democratic socialism, which, as we know, is what Bernie Sanders considers himself. Now they've decided to toss a new term into the meaningless list of conflations they love to tag Democrats with – oligarchy.

On this Saturday's Fox & Friends, they whined about someone on MSNBC comparing the Canadian MAGA trucker convoy to a child throwing a temper tantrum. The Canadian blockade could cost Michigan auto workers up to $51 million in wages this week, but Fox doesn't tell you that.

The hosts then played video of one of the anti-vaxx protesters, whom they lauded as some sort of hero. In right-wing world, these people are just looking out for the “freedoms” of average Canadians – “freedom” apparently meaning being too stuck or stubborn to care about your own health, or the health of others, to get vaccinated.

They were also very upset that anyone would consider any of them extremists or white supremacists, because, heaven forbid, “one flag here, one thing there” and now you've painted them all with the same brush. The movement is drawing plenty of extremists, but that's not something you're going to hear them discuss on Fox either.

That's when Hegseth decided to call Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden autocrats.

HEGSETH: And when you look at the demands that the convoy has put up, what about the commands that BLM put out, which include a laundry list of left wing wish lists at every point. The truckers are saying no vaccine passports. I want to end mandates. I want to be able to work. That's it. That's the whole approach they're taking.

Yet it, all comes down to how the media is attempting to characterize them. How Justin from Canada is trying to characterize them, as extremists, as white supremacists, one flag here, one thing there. The totality of what this movement has created is a giant confrontation over autocrats in Canada and frankly the United States.

And free people, working class people, who just want the ability to make a choice in their own lives. Yet it comes down, to just like other incidents we've seen in our country, how do you define these people and then what elements of federal government power do you use? Justin Trudeau said everything is on the table. What does that mean? How far could they go?

Which was followed by his co-host Carley Shimkus conflating socialism and oligarchy.

SHIMKUS: Yeah. Without a doubt. You know, I also think that the United States and Canada, they have been really throughout this pandemic, it's sort of mirrored what a socialist state would look like. They have been so intrusive.

We really have seen what would happen to this country if we stopped carrying about freedom and democracy and let the socialist Bernie Sanders wing that is left wing that is festering the Democratic Party take over.

Every single time that has happens, the same thing happens. Oligarchies form. A ruling class forms. People who say you have to do something but don't follow the rules themselves. Why? Because they are in charge, therefore, they think they are better than you.

I mean, that is the definition of what happened throughout this whole pandemic, and that's why these hardworking people in Canada and the U.S. are so frustrated. Their goals are that they want to work. They want to put food on the table. And I'd love to hear Justin Trudeau answer that question that that 60-year-old grandfather asked and said what would you do if somebody was threatening your family's livelihood?

Rand Paul is hoping these trucker protests come to the United States, "clog up cities" and cause problems for the Super Bowl today. We'll see how well that goes over if any of them try it.

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