March 14, 2022

Behold, Aryan poster child and Fox Nation Host Lara Logan trying to perform projection jujitsu with fellow white supremacist Charlie Kirk. This time, they're pushing Kremlin conspiracy theories about Ukraine biolabs, gleefully doing the work of demonizing Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci for Vladimir Putin. Then, in the ultimate Infinity Mirror move, Logan diagnoses the Biden administration with projection, saying they accuse others of doing what they themselves are doing.

Or, if you prefer...

Credit: Know Your Meme

First Kirk advances the Kremlin's bogus conspiracy theory that Dr. Anthony Fauci is involved in nefarious biolab work, running gain-of-function research in Ukraine.

Lara Logan agrees, claiming there's evidence that Fauci is "probably, pretty much" involved in developing biological warfare weapons in Ukraine. Here's a synopsis of her word diarrhea:

She said Fauci is implicated in the deaths of millions of people because he was involved in the development of AZT, which, apparently killed those millions before anyone knew it.

She accused Fauci of conducting experiments on Black foster kids in seven states in the U.S. (Please excuse me while I die laughing at this fascist trying to pass herself off as someone who gives a good goddamn about Black foster children.)

She blamed the MEDIA for not reporting these things, and planting false narratives and "political traps" — here's where the Spidey-pointing meme projection begins.

She claimed unironically that it is ironic that Psaki accuses Russians of disinformation, and and...oh, hell, I'll just give you the quote, here:

And what, you know, what is coming out here is just ironic, because Jen Psaki is accusing the Russians of disinformation and propaganda. And sure, the Russians are good at that. You know, why would they not be, right? They, like anybody else, are fighting for their country. But so is the U.S. And the other classic that came out of Jen Psaki is that she has said the Russians accuse people of doing what they're doing. No. Jen Psaki, you accuse people of doing what you're doing. We've seen it over and over and over again. Who are the real fascists? Well, it turns out to be you. Who are the real Nazis? Oh, that turns out to be you because you're funding them and you're protecting them and you're lying about them, right?

If you feel like punishing yourself even more, Media Matters For America has the full transcript of her vile commentary.

But, boy, for people who hate projection and Nazis so much, they sure love to engage in it and behave like them.

And just so you don't think I'm acting punchy late on a Sunday night, here's Foreign Policy dot com warning that the Kremlin has been pushing this conspiracy theory for over a year, and yet, here we have a Fox host continuing to propagate this lie on Putin's behalf.

Here's Bloomberg doing extensive reporting just four days ago debunking China's pushing of the same dangerous Putin propaganda.

You like Snopes? Here's Snopes.

Somehow, though, it's the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci doing the projecting, and doing what they accuse others of doing, not the GOP, not Putin, not China, not the autocrats of the world. Somehow Biden and Fauci are guilty of spewing false narratives. Surely it wouldn't be Fox, Turning Point, and the right-wing mediatainment garbage junk-journalism outlets who churn out propaganda like poison into the American bloodstream, right?

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