April 6, 2022

Fox will use any excuse to run B-footage of partying teens in Florida, during the day. Even airing stupidity from Lara Trump.

Over the weekend on Fox News, Lara Trump said making children's playgrounds very safe, has had a negative effect on them when they get drunk at spring break.

I kid you not. Trump equates rowdy college spring breakers to children playing on swings and slides.

"Maybe we should stop giving participation trophies and coddling the kids. Let 'em fall down and hurt themselves a couple of times, maybe they won't do such crazy stuff," Trump said.

There you have it, Lara Trump believes parents should force their children to get injured. But reading certain books is really bad for your kids.

Fox News ran a segment on out-of-control spring breakers that have caused havoc in Florida recently.

Laura called a lot of these college students just "dumb," like thousands of people on their [decks], of course it's going to happen."

Trump said, "It makes me think of this study, how we are making playgrounds too safe for our kids."

Huh? Too safe.

Laura wants children not to be safe on a playground to teach them life skills?

"So the idea is, we used to have those metal slides where you burn yourselves going down in those sort of things..." Lara chimed.

Off-air her fellow pundits said, "Yes."

"That taught us a lesson," she said.

Those old playgrounds caused broken arms, legs, and infections to our children. I thought Republicans were all about saving the children?

Trump said, "It taught us how to take risks and what was like...a little bit riskier behavior. It's like our kids today have been so coddled that maybe they don't know if you put 500 people onto an outdoor deck, it may collapse."

Republicans will take any chaotic situation and turn it into a referendum on what they consider "progressive policies." Conservative parents like safe playgrounds, too, Lara.

"I think social media has played into it," she said. Does she mean rowdy college spring breakers just started in Florida a few years ago?

She continued, "Maybe we should stop giving participation trophies and coddling the kids. Let 'em fall down and hurt themselves a couple of times, maybe they won't do such crazy stuff."

(Full disclosure, I received a participation trophy in 1970 in Pop Warner football. I never broke an outdoor balcony.)

Hey Lara, why don't you take your children and hold their hands on a hot metal slide so they get burned? That'll show them not to play with fire!

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