In an interview, the Republican gubernatorial candidate who "wants to ban all abortions entirely" says that time in 1993 when he was arrested for assaulting his pregnant wife was a "simple mistake."
May 4, 2022

Next9News interviewed Greg Lopez, the "pro-life" candidate running to be Governor of Colorado.

When confronted with a question about being arrested for assaulting his pregnant wife, Lopez had the audacity to whip out Jesus. Guess which party this jackass

Lopez stated unequivocally that he would ban all abortions, including rape and incest.

After Lopez said he would sign an abortion ban, Kyle Clark turned into a journalist.

"You have said specifically on this issue that you are pro-life without exceptions, rape, incest, and life or health of the mother," Clark stated.

Clark continued, "Additionally, in 1993, you were arrested for violently assaulting your then pregnant wife. Some people might see those two things at odds but they both involve you exerting control over a woman's body."

"Is that what Coloradans want from their governor?"

"First of all, it wasn't a violent situation..."

"You were arrested for assault."

"We were both arrested for assault. Both of us."

"And one of you was pregnant."

"So again, the question is do Coloradans want someone who has a history of both in word and in physical action of controlling a woman's body?" Clark asked.

Lopez scrambled and then turned to his get-out-of-jail card, Jesus, and said "There's only been one perfect man that's ever walked this earth and we nailed him to the cross. I'm not a perfect man." Lopez whined.

You're a cowardly misogynistic criminal, Mr. Lopez. Beating your pregnant wife is not some "mistake." It's violence against a woman and her unborn child, that you claim you always want to protect. Except your rules don't apply to you, right?

"I made my mistakes, but I learned from them," Lopez said. See, what he did was a simple mistake any man could be guilty of. And now he leads by example.

Clark asked again, "You don't see it as an issue of control over women's bodies?"

"No, I do not."

"Either the assault on your wife..."

Lopez was pissed, "I don't know how you connect those things."

Another unqualified pro-life jack-off who beats women that are pregnant.

Timothy Evans also writes that Lopez is against mail-in voting even though he's always mailed in his own ballots.

Here's the full interview:

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