October 3, 2022

The Morning Joe panel talked this morning about Trump's attack accusing Mitch McConnell of having a "death wish" for supporting Democratic legislation designed to prevent another Jan. 6th.

"I know they want to win seats in gubernatorial races and senate races across the country. But this has to be -- there has to be some sort of moral line the republicans won't cross, and sadly we're being met with silence," Mika Brzezinski said.

"There's a through line here," Joe Scarborough said.

"If you look at what Donald Trump said in the past, you look at the fact that his approval numbers are going down. It's becoming obvious to him he cannot win. He knows. He knew he could win in 2016 when everybody else didn't think he could win, and he now knows he can't. He understands -- and I've talked to people around him, he can't get back those suburban voters in Atlanta. He can't get back the suburban voters in the Philly suburbs. He understands he can't win, so what is he doing now? His rhetoric is becoming more violent.

"He's embracing Qanon conspiracy theories. He's actually boiling down his supporters, not doing what any politician who would want to win would be doing. He's boiling down support to find people that will support him for arn overthrow of the federal government. That's my belief in '08. That's what he tried to do on January 6th, just a couple of years ago. Just look and see what he's doing and ask yourself, why would he come out and try to get the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate killed?

"Why would he talk about a death wish in all caps? Why would he make a racist slur against a former member of his cabinet who happens to be Mitch McConnell's wife? Why would he embrace Qanon conspiracy theories? Why would he keep, again, getting more and more radical when he knows it will only drive down the support?

"The clear answer, as he supports the election deniers, Mika, is, he wants to succeed in 2024, and the way he failed in 2020, and he's obviously ready to use violence to do that."

Republicans, as usual, responded with timidity.


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