On Fox News, Karen Handel Plays The Victim, Accuses Planned Parenthood Of 'Vicious Attacks And Coercion'

Karen Handel, who according to reports was the party primarily responsible for Komen's decision to pull grants from Planned Parenthood, went sobbing into the open arms of Faux News on Tuesday afternoon, where she played an all-too familiar role: the right-wing martyr.

What's great about this segment was Handel still can't get her story straight. She claims that the Planned Parenthood decision was all about "the mission" -- whatever the hell that means -- then started rambling about Congressional investigations.

HANDEL: You know, I think the Congressional investigation along with the various state investigations, those were a factor in the decision. But make no mistake about it, you know, it was a bigger picture than that. There was a granting criteria as well as the controversies that were surrounding Planned Parenthood. And it's no secret Megyn, that Komen and other organizations that were funding Planned Parenthood had been under pressure for some years long before my time, um, that had been going on, the pressure around the controversy.

Pressure from whom, Karen? And what "controversies" would those be?

It's funny that Handel whines about "coercion" from Planned Parenthood, but uses "pressure" from right-wing organizations and Republicans partly to justify Komen's original decision.

It's also pretty rich that Handel accuses Planned Parenthood -- who handled this nasty episode with extraordinary class -- of "vicious attacks" while she passed along offensive tweets like this.

Always the case with right-wingers. They pull some political dirty trick, or do something illegal, or say something offensive -- and then if they suffer the predictable and appropriate consequences (and they usually don't) -- they claim that they are the true victims. Personal responsibility never seems to apply to them.

Cheer up, Karen. I'm sure there's a cushy job at the Heritage Foundation and a steady gig at Faux News if you want it.

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