May 17, 2009

May 15, 2009 CNN's American Morning:

ROBERTS: As you know, the most recent former Vice President Dick Cheney has come out quite strongly against the Obama administration, saying that its policies have left America less safe than it was during the Bush administration.

You were a big critic of the previous administration, particularly in the run-up to the war and thereafter. What do you think of Vice President Cheney's statements that the Obama administration's policies are leaving this country less safe?

GORE: Well, obviously, I strongly disagree.

And, you know, I waited two years after I left office to make statements that were critical, and then of the policy. You know, you talk about somebody that shouldn't be talking about making the country less safe, invading a country that did not attack us and posed no serious threat to us at all. You know, he can speak for himself.

And I have a feeling that members of his own party wish that he would not do that. But I'll let that be an argument between him and them.

ROBERTS: Are you suggesting that it's unusual for a former vice president, former administration official that high-ranking to come out this early in a new administration and be this critical?

GORE: You know, look, that's a judgment call and he's made his judgment. He has become, in many ways, the leading spokesman for his party during this period of time. And the message is one that he's deciding to deliver.

Look, I'm going to focus on trying to build bipartisan alliances around this country for American leadership to solve the climate crisis. And I don't want to get dragged into an argument with Dick Cheney about what he's getting into. I'm just going to let him speak for himself.

ROBERTS: Oh, Mr. Vice President, you know I would never try to do that with you.

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