Can We Please Put The Media's O.J. Obsession Out To Its Final Pasture?

The O.J. sentencing story was all over the networks yesterday (with some lingering afterburn today) and I scrolled around quite a bit trying to find some nugget actually worth discussing. After awhile I gave up; nearly everything that was being discussed was trite, facile, and generally moronic. This Chris Matthews clip is a fairly good example.

Of course, I was probably hampered in my search by the fact that, when it comes to O.J., I monumentally Do. Not. Care. Still, I couldn't help noticing that nowhere in the commentary was there anything discussed that might shed some kind of light on any significant aspect of our daily lives. It's pure cult-of-celebrity nonsense.

Well, there is one thread of silver lining to be had: Perhaps with O.J. put away and out of sight, the media will finally forget about him and move on to other, more worthwhile, news stories to obsess about.

But I doubt it. Indeed, I look forward (well, not really) to the announcement that O.J.'s life in prison will be the subject of a new reality show on Fox: "The Longest Yard."


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