CBS' 'Independent' Rather Panel Would Have Looked More Like The Wingnut Inquisition

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The wingnuts have been proudly displaying Dan Rather's scalp on their trophy wall ever since they chased him out of CBS with the "Memogate" nonsense. But this particular scalp may be about to turn out not to be so dead after all.

Last year Rather filed a lawsuit against CBS that mostly drew derisive snorts from both the wingnuts and the Village Idiots, but which in fact promises to be very interesting indeed if the trial takes place. As things stand now, it's set to go to trial in February.

But already some noteworthy items are seeping out.

Felix Gillette at the New York Observer got a look at some of the documents and found a list of names that CBS executives had compiled for its "independent panel" to examine the claims against Rather.

The list includes Mr. Boccardi's name as well such seemingly reasonable potential candidates as David Gergen, Gene Roberts (former managing editor of The New York Times) and Dick Wald (former president of NBC News).

Then things get a little bit more conservative. Under the category "others" are the names of potential candidates such as… Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh.

Herein, CBS’s full list of "others":

* William Buckley

* Robert Novak

* Kate O’Beirne

* Nicholas Von Hoffman

* Tucker Carlson

* Pat Buchanan

* George Will

* Lou Dobbs

* Matt Drudge

* Robert Barkley

* Robert Kagan

* Fred Barnes

* William Kristol

* John Podhoretz

* David Brooks

* William Safire

* Bernard Goldberg

* Ann Coulter

* Andrew Sullivan

* Christopher Hitchens

* PJ O’Rourke

* Christopher Caldwell

* Elliot Abrams

* Charles Krauthammer

* William Bennett

* Rush Limbaugh

At the very bottom of the list, someone wrote in one more name. "Roger Ailes."

What, Torquemada wasn't available?

Eli has more.


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