Glenn Beck: 'The Progressive Movement ... Is The Cancer' Destroying The Country

One of the identifying signs of eliminationist rhetoric, some of you may recall, is that it compares its target bloc of people to a disease (and the deadlier the better).

Last night, Glenn Beck did just that for his national audience on Fox News:

Beck: All right, now, if all of this sounds like a government out of control, go back to the progressive movement. It is not what our founders of this country intended. One hundred years of this movement, and the government growing while our rights are shrinking. I've been saying now for awhile, and it really has clicked in my mind, um, that it is the progressive movement, it is the cancer that is inside both parties. It's why you don't feel like there is a choice. It's why John McCain and Barack Obama, you're going, 'You gotta be kidding me, right?'

Yeah, whoda thunk? John McCain was secretly a progressive this whole time!

Later on, at the end of the show, Beck essentially admits he's been fearmongering the whole hour (which is nothing new for this show), but pretends his solution (following kooky constitutional theories to their always bitter end) is actually about being brave in the face of the fear he's whipping up out of whole cloth.

Boy, that is one special talk-show host.


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