Bachmann Calls Obama A 'Health Care Dictator' Over Contraception Coverage

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who calls herself "a high-value target for the Democrats," says that President Barack Obama is a "health care dictator" because his administration is mandating that all insurance plans cover contraception for women.

In a recent interview with PolitiChicks, the former Republican presidential candidate told Ann-Marie Murrell that the eventual GOP nominee would be "1000 percent" better than Obama, no matter who that person was.

"We can't let Obama have a second term," she warned. "Not because it's partisan, not because it's the Republican team versus the Democrat team, but because we are about a better America and we're about liberty and we're about a decent chance for the future."

"I think the number one threat right now is that under Obamacare, we literally are seeing a change in government for the first time in 225 years," Bachmann explained. "This is the first time that we are moving truly away from a constitutional republic -- slamming the door shut on a constitutional republic -- and effectively we're becoming a dictatorship in that we don't elect a president anymore, we elect a health care dictator, who we saw with Barack Obama with contraceptives."

"If you look at this issue, it wasn't just about contraceptives. It was about the fact that now the president of the United States can order all Americans to purchase a product or service against their will whether they want it or not. And he can decide which product or service will be offered and at what price. That's unbelievable!"

Bachmann added that Obama had been "more dangerous than any other president" because of his foreign policy.

"We're seeing a hyperkinetic level of level of terrorist activity and Barack Obama has a lot to do with that," she said, cautioning of the threat of Iranian weaponry "penetrating our southern border."

"Even today, the president of the United States is calling for reducing our nuclear weaponry by 80 percent," Bachmann noted. "OK, now think of this: We have Iran, a third-world basket case, trying to nuke up."

The Minnesota congresswoman went on to plead with viewers to give her re-election campaign the maximum contribution because she had been "the number one target of [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi to defeat."

"I am a high-value target for the Democrats," she remarked. "This race unfortunately will be no different. ... I need all of your viewers to give the very best donation that they can give -- and I think the maximum is about $2,500 per person."

Bachmann's entire interview with PolitiChicks is available here.

(H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement)

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