August 18, 1995 - Hostages, Saber Rattling And Ito.


News for this day in August of 1995 was doubtful at best. Under the guise of "maneuvers" American tanks massed on the border of Jordan and Iraq as a show of force to Saddam Hussein, lest he got any more ideas about Kuwait. Bosnian Peace talks were on-going with Goradze being the topic of conversation. The hostage drama in Kashmir regarding a group of Western tourists was ramped up with a rescue plan in the works. In another part of the region, the body of Himalayan mountain climber Alison Hargreaves was discovered after she had been reported missing for several days when sudden bad weather hit the area where she was attempting an ascent on K2.

Meanwhile, Back in the States - Judge Lance Ito postponed hearings in the OJ Simpson trial in order to review and to figure out how to handle the hours of racial epithets flying out of the Ron Fuhrman tapes before releasing them to the jury. A sweep of illegal Aliens in a meat packing plant in Nebraska netted surprising results. Former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker was facing a fresh set of indictments in the White Water fishing expedition with suspicions of political motives and a "back door move" to President Clinton on everyone's minds. First Female Cadet at The Citadel Shannon Faulkner was still in Sick Bay, after collapsing from exhaustion. Convicted killer Sylvester Adams was executed for his role in the strangulation murder of a 16 year-old neighbor. Appeals that the condemned killer was mentally incapable of pre-meditation went unheeded. The Interstate 880 Sniper was arrested. And Hurricane Felix was looking less and less of a threat with each hour.

Just another day. Just like any other day. All via The CBS World News Roundup for August 18, 1995.


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