Andrea Mitchell Parrots Right-Wing Talking Points On Benghazi, IRS


Who needs Fox when we've got Villager extraordinaire and MSNBC host Mrs. Greenspan, a.k.a. Andrea Mitchell doing their dirty work for them on this Sunday's Meet the Press?

I guess she got the recent memo with the latest GOP talking points on the scandal mongering we've been seeing for months on end, because that's exactly what she was reading from here as part of the panel discussing these NSA leaks.

ANDREA MITCHELL: General, one of the things that I think has been written about from both the left and the right, Peggy Noonan wrote about it this weekend, is that there is a lack of confidence in the government, which has evolved a variety of administrations.

So when you say, "Trust me, this data, the metadata are stored and we're not going to go into it unless there's a court order, unless it's because of a terrorist plot, and then if a judge orders that, it's then turned over to the F.B.I. and then they can pursue and look at the context, so we've got the numbers, but we're not looking, we're not reading."

But people no longer, after Benghazi, after I.R.S. certainly, and after a lot of other things, don't have confidence in their government. And that is leading to a disaffection and a disconnection, that going forward is very troubling.

You know what's actually "very troubling" Mrs. Greenspan? When people who call themselves reporters continue to prop up fake "scandals" and conflate them with real ones, so that the people who watch their shows remain so confused they don't know what to think. That and scandal mongering while ignoring the fact that these people who are supposed to be representing the voters in the Congress are refusing anything about the massive income disparity in the United States or doing anything to try to get Americans back to work.


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