Bill Kristol Thinks Romney's Veep Pick Could Be Condoleeza Rice


Here we go again with Bloody Bill Kristol proving he's wrong about just about everything. From this Sunday's Fox News Sunday, Kristol thinks it would be a great idea for Mitt Romney to pick Condoleeza Rice as his running mate. We all know how well listening to Kristol's advice worked out for John McCain last time around when he picked Caribou Barbie.

Considering, as Roberts noted, that Rice has already said she doesn't want it and that Republicans are desperately trying to pretend George W. Bush never existed, I'm not expecting Mittens to be naming Rice as his choice for veep any time soon. In the mean time I guess we can all just hope he's silly enough to listen to Kristol.

ROBERTS: Right. I want to finish out this week with something else that Bill wrote about, and that is the potential veepstakes and Ann Romney saying we're looking at a woman.

Do you think that woman is... ?

KRISTOL: I think it could be Condoleeza Rice. And I think Ann Romney is very close to Mitt Romney, in certain respects (ph). I know she's a very impressive woman in her own right. I don't think she's just talking. I think if she says the Romney campaign is looking at a woman as a possible V.P. pick, (inaudible) --


ROBERTS: But Condi just said time and time again, no thanks, don't want it. It's not me.

KRISTOL: Well, Dick Cheney said no, thanks, I don't want it in 2000. And the truth is, if you just step back -- and, I mean, I have -- I, myself am for Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio and other types like that. But if you are -- as the Romney campaign is -- data-driven and you look at polls and you look at Condoleeza Rice as favorable and unfavorable ratings, including among swing voters, women voters, et cetera, you could make a case that -- and she's totally qualified. But she also be an exciting pick. You could talk yourself into picking Condoleeza Rice.


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