Bill O'Reilly: There's No Question That Mr. Stewart Is Going To Hell For Criticisms On Fox's 'War On Christmas'


Somehow I have no doubt that Bill O'Reilly is going to hell for working for Fox. O'Reilly seems to think Comedy Central's Jon Stewart is going to hell for going after Fox for their ridiculous "war on Christmas."

I smell another highly edited interview with Stewart on O'Reilly's show coming after this latest dust up between the two.

From Mediaite -- Bill O’Reilly Answers Jon Stewart’s Declaration Of War On Fox News’ ‘War On Christmas’:

On Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly took a look at Daily Show host Jon Stewart‘s excitement over the “War On Christmas,” particularly with Fox News’ coverage of one community’s “tree lighting ceremony.” “If there has been a war,” a clip showed Stewart telling his viewers, “then Christmas is the aggressor nation.” [...]

“Now,” O’Reilly responded, “there is no question that Mr. Stewart is going to Hell. But he does have a couple of valid points.” He gave Stewart props for accurately acknowledging that the early settlers did, in fact, outlaw Christmas for a time, and he agreed that retailers can go overboard with their celebrations and decorating, taking the holiday to an exploitative extreme.

Here's the entire segment from The Daily Show that Bill-O decided to selectively edit during his segment on Fox. I'm not sure when Fox is finally going to get tired of beating this dead horse with the ridiculous "war on Chistmas" yet, but unfortunately it appears we're yet to get treated to this nonsense for some years to come as long as Fox is still on the air.

From The Daily Show -- Tree Fighting Ceremony - War on Christmas:

As long as conservatives view the words "Happy Holidays" as a subtextual "F**k you and your Baby Jesus," there can be no peace.

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