Eric Cantor appeared on Sean Hannity's show this Tuesday evening to demand that the individual mandate be delayed along with the employer mandate in the hope of dismantling the health care law.
July 10, 2013

Well, they didn't succeed in getting the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Their close to forty repeal votes have turned out to be a big waste of time and taxpayers' money. But never mind all that, because the GOP isn't done trying to kill "Obamacare" yet.

Forget about the fact that this health care law is one they ought to be supporting since it's more or less the equivalent of what their party has been supporting for decades. Never mind that it looks just like what came out of the Heritage Foundation, or what Bob Dole proposed ages ago, or what Mittens managed to get passed as governor of Massachusetts.

Now that our Republican members of Congress have officially lost their damned minds ever since the Kenyan, Socialist, Marxist usurper managed to get their stinking right wing health care law passed, now it must be overturned at all costs, and if they can't overturn it, they'd be more than happy to dismantle it piece by piece as Cantor described here.

About all I can say in response is that I truly hope these jackasses overreaching leads to the country finally having a belly-full of them and the insurance companies they're beholden to and maybe we get some of these extremist Republicans voted out of office and a single payer health care system passed.

Cantor and his buddy Sean Hannity were carping about "King Obama" and whether the administration had the right to delay the employer mandate. The administration knows they're not going to get an ounce of help from this Congress on improving problems with the law, so it appears they have decided to let someone take them up in court if anyone out there believes they have standing for damages and let the chips fall where they may later on.

Cantor was simply mirroring the remarks made by House Speaker Boehner earlier the same day who made it clear he was going to push for one more vote aiming to undermine the health care law.

If anyone isn't already clear about the Republicans' game plan and why they're doing this, The Plum Line's Greg Sargent laid out pretty plainly this week: Sabotage governing:

It’s not unusual to hear dirty hippie liberal blogger types (and the occasional lefty Nobel Prize winner) point out that today’s GOP has effectively abdicated the role of functional opposition party, instead opting for a kind of post-policy nihilism in which sabotaging the Obama agenda has become its only guiding governing light.

But when you hear this sort of argument coming from Chuck Todd, the mild-mannered, well respected Beltway insider, it should prompt folks to take notice.

That’s essentially what Todd, along with Mark Murray and the rest of MSNBC’s First Read crew, argued this morning. It’s worth quoting at length: [...]

This from MSNBC’s First Read crew is very well said. But I’d take it further; it goes well beyond Obamacare implementation and the relentless blockading of Obama nominees for the explicit purpose of preventing democratically-created agencies from functioning. We’ve slowly crossed over into something a bit different. It’s now become accepted as normal that Republicans will threaten explicitly to allow harm to the country to get what they want, and will allow untold numbers of Americans to be hurt rather than even enter into negotiations over the sort of compromises that lie at the heart of basic governing.

Sam Stein’s big piece today details the very real toll the sequester cuts are taking on real people across the country, and crucially, it explains that the sequester was deliberately designed to threaten harm in order to compel lawmakers to act to reduce the deficit. But Republicans will not consider replacing those cuts with anything other than 100 percent in cuts elsewhere, which is to say, they will only consider replacing them with 100 percent of what they want. Meanwhile, Republicans are drawing up a list of spending cuts they will demand in exchange for raising the debt limit, even though John Boehner has openly admitted that default would do untold damage to the U.S. economy. Indeed, even if default doesn’t end up happening, the threat of it risks damaging the economy, yet Republicans still insist they will use it as leverage to get what they want, anyway.

As Todd and the First Read crew hint at, the GOP campaign against Obamacare is straying into this mode of governing. Indeed, on Meet the Press this weekend, Todd made this even more explicit, accusing Republicans of “trying to sabotage the law.” The current GOP campaign isn’t just about opposing the Affordable Care Act or arguing for its repeal. It’s about making it harder for uninsured Americans to gain access to coverage under a law passed and signed by a democratically elected Congress and President, and upheld by the Supreme Court, in service of the political goal of making it a greater liability for Democrats in the 2014 elections (the law, after all, isn’t going to get repealed).

This is not typical opposition, and its good to hear this stated outright by someone as respected inside the Beltway as Chuck Todd. The only mystery is why more journalists aren’t willing to point it out. After all, Republicans are making this basic reality harder and harder to ignore.

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