CNN Contributor Erickson Slams Evan Thomas And Jay Carney At 'Dishonors Awards' Ceremony


Ann Coulter wasn't the only one at last month's Media Research Center's "Dishonor Awards" making extremely bad jokes and insulting remarks. Red State blogger and now one of CNN's "best political team on television" was there to lob some insults at the "lamestream liberal" media as well. I wonder if his new employer had any issues with this? Since he's still on the air helping them do their best to become Fox-lite, it doesn't appear they did.

After awarding Newsweek's Evan Thomas the "Obamagasm Award" for an appearance of his on Hardball where he said "I mean, in a way Obama's standing above the country, above the world, he's sort of god" host Neal Boortz brought on Erickson to accept it.

While I think that Evan Thomas' remarks about President Obama and his speech in Cairo were silly and that it's ridiculous to compare any politician to "god" for any reason (and all he did is feed the right wing with another reason to repeat their ridiculous "messiah" insults of Obama), I don't think that justifies the type of childish, hyperbolic remarks made by Erick Erickson here about Thomas, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and the crew over at Media Matters.

ERICKSON: I want you people to know I called Evan Thomas and I asked Even Thomas what he wanted me to say and he said first of all thank god the award came out before Fineman made that statement last week about Obama Biblically proving himself to be an effective commander in chief. Then he said to thank the academy because that's what you do in times like this, whether there is one or not and also that it was really funny that he would be given an award called the Obamagasm Award because truth be told that he's gone through wet wipes like the parent Of quadruplets in the past two years. About the only person who uses them more is Jay Carney watching The West Wing and imagining what a real White House Press Secretary looks like.

In all seriousness Evan Thomas wanted me to convey his sincere thanks to David Brock and his crack team Media Researchers. He said they spent hours each day eating box after box of Twinkies, drinking Red Bulls, finding clips on people like Evan Thomas who are able to combat radical Republicans and racists teabaggers and their racist political allies like Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott and Herman Cain, but for the fine efforts of Media Matters he would not be able to do his job.

And I had to stop him say Evan it's not Media Matters, it's the Media Research Center. Uh, he said Brent Bozell can go to hell and thank you very much.


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