Colbert Mocks Fox For Complaints About 'Skewed Polls'


Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun this Thursday evening with Fox carping about the polls, which are moving away from Mitt Romney, supposedly being skewed to favor Democrats. Heaven forbid, as Stuart Varney complained, they're basing their samples on "scientific gobbledygook."

Colbert informed the audience that he's got his own source of polls -- conservative blogger Dean Chambers -- Conservative Polling Alternative Plans Expansion:

Dean Chambers, founder of, is expanding his empire after receiving calls of encouragement from Republicans this week.

Since his website caught fire this week for 'unskewing' presidential polls — Chambers re-weights national polling data on the assumption that more Republicans will vote than poll results show — the blogger has purchased two additional domain names: and [...]

The 'unskewed' methodology was widely criticized this week — even Scott Rasmussen, whose numbers are Chambers's statistical baseline, said the method wasn't sound — but Chambers says he has been getting calls of encouragement since Monday.

"I've been hearing from people inside the Tea Party movement and Republican movement calling to say that they support what I'm doing," said Chambers. "It's given them a boost of confidence. They're glad to see that someone's questioning the credibility of national polls." [...]

As far-right Republicans embrace the 'unskewed' numbers, even the Romney campaign is now suggesting that national polling can't be trusted.

In response to criticism this week, Chambers does concede that his polls may not necessarily be accurate — "Unskewing isn't exact, it's an estimate," he says — but the blogger does believe that his numbers can be trusted in what they reflect about Nov. 6.

"Some people say I'm creating an illusion, but that will be settled on Election Day," he said.

Republicans last great hope -- someone doing polling who is too biased for Rasmussen. Yee hah.

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