D.L. Hughley: Ron Reagan Jr. On Lifting The Ban On Federal Funds For Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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D.L. Hughley talks to Ron Reagan Jr. about his and his family's reaction to the lifting of the ban on federal funds for stem cell research. Of course the one person in his family who's not happy about it is his wingnut brother Michael. I know, everyone's shocked right? That guy is right up there with Glenn Beck and Michael Weiner Savage for his hackery and outright hatred from the little I've been able to stomach of him.

Reagan reminds us that there is still more work to be done in the Congress to truly lift the restrictions that have been put in place. He also calls out Bush and Rove for playing politics before caring about people's lives by using this as a religious wedge issue.

Off topic from the post in general but one last note here. MSNBC is looking for someone to follow Rachel Maddow. I think Ron Reagan Jr. would make a good choice. They gave him a show and let Monica Crowley ruin it as his co-host. How about giving him a show of his own without some wingnut for "balance" MSNBC? There are some others I think would be good as well but Reagan is definitely on my list for one I'd stick around for after Maddow's show is over.

Ed Schultz gets the spot and I'll likely be changing the channel. I don't care for him much because the man obviously talks a lot more than he bothers to read. I've listened to him spout off about a number of topics he painfully knows nothing about one time too many on his radio show to want him representing liberals on a cable news network with a show of his own.

Reagan on the other hand I'd love to see get a second chance without his blonde news model wingnut co-host and forced three minute debate boxes where no serious discussion takes place as we had on their day time show.


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