June 27, 2009

(JA: Heather posted this clip originally on: Friday Jun 26, 2009 7:00am)

Eric Cantor is asked by MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan to explain just what the GOP's plan is for health care reform, and again, Cantor fails to give any details as to just what their plan is, other than saying no to a public option and offering consumers more "choice". Even Ratigan points out at the end of the interview that Cantor didn't answer his question.

As Jason Linkins pointed out at the HuffPo, Cantor had some similar trouble on the same show when asked by Mike Barnicle what the GOP's plan was for health care reform back on May 6th, 2009.

So we have the second failure on the same show within a little over a month for Cantor to actually respond in a meaningful way with details and to give them some specific answers on just what the GOP's health care plan entails. Willie Geist's response when Ratigan pointed out that Cantor didn't answer the question....we'll have him back on again to explain it.

Well if you couldn't pin him down the last two times you had him on the air to spout off Republican spin on health care reform with no specifics, what makes you think your viewers can expect anything different the next time you have him on Willie? It's a good thing you "real reporters" out there do such a fine job of holding our elected officials feet to the fire when you have the chance, unlike us "Cheetos-eating" bloggers out there you take such joy in insulting.

If the cast of Morning Joe wanted to have an honest debate on health care reform and what should really be done to fix the mess we're in with so many uninsured and the escalating cost of health care, they'd be making Cantor debate the likes of Bernie Sanders or Michael Moore who support single payer for some real health care reform.

I expect that to happen about the time hell freezes over.

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