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Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: We Need To Begin Profiling 'Young Muslim Men'

MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for giving disgraced Congressman and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh a format to fearmonger and throw flames on the air in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing incident.

Just what we need... another Republican bed-wetter screeching like a banshee on cable news in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing attack. First of all, who in the hell gave this clown a radio show? And second, why does MSNBC think that anyone in their audience cares what this disgrace of a former Congressman and deadbeat dad and known flamethrower Joe Walsh thinks about anything?

Having him on when he was a member of Congress and taking him to the woodshed over failing to pay his child support, as Bashir did a while back is one thing. Having him on there as someone to be taken seriously to discuss policy after he's been run out of Congress is quite another.

Jonathan Alter hasn't been much better with his usual appearances on the network where he's happy to help with the hippie punching and pushing for Democrats to go along with austerity measures, as he did with Sam Seder on his radio show as well not long ago, but in this segment, he was the voice of reason -- only to have Walsh insult him at every turn, just looking to start an altercation on camera with name calling.

I guess Ted Nugent and Glenn Beck were too busy to come spend some time as a "panel member" so they settled for Walsh.

Joe Walsh Calls For Profiling ‘Young Muslim Men’:

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) argued Monday for racial profiling of "young Muslim men" in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, including adding profiling to the United States' immigration process.

"We're at war, and this country got a stark reminder last week again that we're at war," Walsh said to host Martin Bashir during an appearance on MSNBC. "And not only should we take a pause, Martin, when it comes to immigration, we need to begin profiling who our enemy is in this war: young muslim men,"

"The fact is, Martin, neither you or I or Jonathan knows of the 11 million, and it's more than 11 million, how many are bad characters," Walsh continued, addressing Bashir and fellow guest, columnist Jonathan Alter. "And what we're going to do is replicate what we did in '86, provide amnesty to all of them, which in essence is providing legal status to a lot of bad characters. You know, Martin, there's also a piece of this legislation that bans our law enforcement officials of profiling. We need to profile even when it comes to our immigration policy."

"These two guys weren't just losers. They were part of radical islam. They were radicalized," Walsh said of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers.

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