Fox Allows King Street Patriots Leader Engelbrecht Play The Victim While Her Group Intimidates Voters


Another election, another round of Republican dirty tricks and voter intimidation. And Fox's Jon Scott, supposedly part of their "straight news" coverage as opposed to what they admit is "opinion" does his best here to carry some water for them and try to convince everyone up is down and black is white. It's not these teabagger "poll watchers" intimidating voters that are the problem. No, they're the victims now according to the King Street Patriots' leader Catherine Engelbrecht and her attorney Jonathan Saenz.

Heaven forbid those evil minority voters they're targeting got sick of these bullies breathing down their necks while they're trying to vote. How dare they! Apparently Engelbrecht isn't too happy with the local ABC affiliate down in Houston's reporting on her group's activities either. She wrote this little screed a couple of days ago (warning, goes to Breitbart's Big Government site) -- Houston ABC Affiliate: Mouthpiece of the Left; Sends Dem Scare Message to Tea Party Poll Watchers

Here's a reminder about this lovely little group's activities -- Voter Registration Group Receives Threatening Emails After Being Targeted by Tea Party Patriots. The good news out of this is that the Department of Justice is going to get involved, but whether their presence will be enough to counter this sort of activity remains to be been.

Here's more from TPM on that -- Justice Department To Monitor Polls In Harris County, Sheriff Joe's Turf:

Harris County, Texas and Maricopa County, Arizona are among the 30 jurisdictions in which federal observers will monitor polling place activities or Justice Department personnel will monitor the election, DOJ announced late Friday.

The Tea Party-backed group True the Vote, the Texas Democratic Party, Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee and even the New Black Panther Party have traded accusations of voter intimidation in Harris County and called for federal elections monitors to be deployed to the area.

Maricopa County is the territory of controversial anti-illegal immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He sent out an e-mail asking supporters to "help [him] STOP ILLEGALS FROM STEALING THIS ELECTION!" and has also been under investigation for allegations of discrimination in his enforcement of immigration law and treatment of prisoners.

The Civil Rights Division of DOJ will deploy over 400 federal observers and department personnel to those 30 jurisdictions in 18 states for Tuesday's election.


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