Fox Faux Democrat Powers: Wallace 'Should Be Proud' President Won't Go On His Show


Fresh off of the heels of the media complaining about their lack of access to President Obama and his golf outing with Tiger Woods and with Chris Wallace complaining that his was the only Sunday show where the new White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough refused to make an appearance last week, the panel on their Saturday joke of a media watchdog show, Fox News Watch, decided to continue on with the carping with a good portion of the jeering done by one of their faux Democrats, Kirsten Powers.

It appears that this is just a rerun of the what the viewers were treated to on the same show last week, where, as News Corpse took note of, we were hearing some very similar complaints out of the same culprits:

Fox earned a ninth place showing by having been called on for questions fourteen times. That is only two fewer nods than CNN and the New York Times received. And if Fox can be described as having been shunned, then the Washington Post, USA Today, and NPR were victims of blatant and deliberate neglect since they came in even lower than Fox at tenth, eleventh, and thirteenth.

Nevertheless, Fox seems to be the only news outlet that is complaining about their treatment by the President. They devoted a segment of their Fox News Watch program to whining that they aren’t getting enough attention, poor things. Host Jon Scott started the bitch session by crying “Why does the president not like to call on us?” Jumping in without being recognized was Fox’s fake Democrat Kirsten Powers who shot back “Because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. When Ed Henry asks questions to Jay Carney, inevitably Jay Carney ends up looking stupid because he doesn’t know how to answer the question. He’s used to pushing people around.” And she’s supposed to be the voice of the left on Fox’s fair and balanced roster.

With friends like Kirsten Powers who needs enemas? And that is a perfect illustration of why Obama ought to start shunning Fox News. It has never been a credible journalistic operation. It is an unabashed agent of the Republican Party whose only purpose is to bash the President and support the right-wing agenda.

Meanwhile, over at Dan Abrams' rag, Mediaite, Fox and Politico, or as Charlie Pierce calls Politico, The Tiger Beat on the Potomac, were being treated as though they actually have any legitimate complaints about lack of access to the White House and that somehow preventing them from acting like journalists, if that's what either of those organizations actually decided to do one of these days.

Fox’s Kirsten Powers To Panel: Chris Wallace ‘Should Be Proud’ Obama Won’t Go On His Show:

After a week in which a lot of media attention was focused on the White House Press Corps’ lack of access to President Obama‘s golf vacation in Florida, Fox News Watch asked Saturday why the president is shutting out reporters and avoiding “tough questions.” [...]

Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers agreed with POLITICO’s assessment that President Obama is a “puppet master” who “only wants to talk to people who aren’t going to give him tough questions.” For that reason, Powers said Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace “should be be proud that the president won’t go on his show at this point. What it says, is he only goes on shows of people that go easy on him and so that means these other people who call themselves journalists should start asking ‘why is the president so willing to come on my show so often?’”

Radio talk show host Monica Crowley then argued that it’s nothing new for a presidential administration to “loathe the press” and ” freeze out outlets they believe are hostile to it.” But the irony, she said is that “this president and this White House has gotten more favorable coverage and more protection than any other president in recent memory.”

Crowley also found it remarkable that the “press discovered their outrage about being denied access over a golf became with Tiger Woods. Where is their outrage on being blocked access to Benghazi or Fast and Furious?”

The Fox panel seemed to agree that the “mainstream media,” in the case everyone but Fox News, may be finally waking up to the control the Obama White House has held over them for the last four years. While other news outlets may still want to play nice with the president in hopes of getting some highly-coveted access, Fox News seems to have given up hope of ever getting on Obama’s good side and will therefore keep holding his feet to fire as they always have.

Fox News "gave up" on "getting on Obama's good side" since well before he was elected and Sean Hannity was beating the Rev. Wright drum day in and day out and when they decided to devote segment after segment to calling our center right President a Kenyan, socialist, Marxist, communist usurper. And pretending they want to hold his "feet to the fire" about anything that doesn't just promote a Republican agenda is simply ridiculous.

There are plenty of real and not made up reasons to hold President Obama's feet to the fire which are not about partisan gain and how he's governed. Fox has only been interested in attacking their made up version of the President that only exists in their minds ever since it became obvious that he was possibly going to win the Democratic primary race for president years ago.


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