Fox News Watch Still Attacking Girl Scouts For Advising Girls To Use Media Matters For Fact Checking


Dave already wrote about this last week where the crew at Fox & Friends were attacking the Girl Scouts, claiming they were conspiring to "promote a clear liberal ideology" because they included Media Matters in one of their publications:

Fifteen-year-old Sydney Volankski, who left the Girl Scouts in 2010 to write about their "pro-abortion mindset" on her blog, has now discovered that a guide published by Girl Scouts of the USA (GUSA) advises scouts to check media facts through a number of sites including Media Matters, which Fox News host Steve Doocy called "clearly a lefty blog."

Glenn Beck's website The Blaze first hyped the latest claims against the Girl Scouts after they were contacted by Volankski's mother.

"Perhaps the Girl Scouts staffers were too busy to respond to us, but considering the fact that the Media Matters reference is, in itself, a form of misinformation, bias — potentially even indoctrination — we assumed that the book would no longer be on the market," The Blaze's Billy Hallowell wrote. "We were wrong."

As their one liberal (and always outnumbered) panelist, Jehmu Greene pointed out on Fox News Watch this week and as Dave did last week, the other larger story here is that this girl that Fox had on as a guest last week on Fox & Friends is trying to take down the Girl Scouts, claiming that they're a "pro-abortion" organization for wanting to give their members accurate information about women's reproductive rights. Here's more on that from Dave's post last week:

The former scout has also written that "role models GSUSA encourages girls to emulate include pro-abortion champions, Marxists, Socialists and advocates of same sex lifestyle."

While the national Girl Scouts organization does maintain a neutral position on reproductive rights, local and regional chapters have the autonomy to partner with groups like Planned Parenthood for educational purposes.

"In some areas of the country, Girl Scout troops or groups may choose to hold discussions about human sexuality and may choose to collaborate with a local organization that specializes in these areas," GSUSA said in a statement earlier this year. "The topic is discussed from a factual, informative point of view and does not include advocacy or promotion of any social or religious perspective."

For his part, the National Review's Rich Lowry continued to beat that drum during this segment. And panelist Jim Pinkerton chimed in that if the Girl Scouts had just included Brent Bozell's right wing rag, The Media Research Center, which is just as much of a propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the right wing as Fox "News" he would have been just fine with the publication including Media Matters as well.

The only proof anyone on the panel offered up as to why Media Matters should not have been included in the publication is because they're a "far left" organization that receives money from George Soros, so of course the Fox panelists claimed they therefore can't be trusted. Never mind that the real reason they hate them is they've got a laser focus on the misinformation that's being spread over at Fox.


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