Fox Pundit Dennis Kneale Associates Public Schools With 'The Crips Or The Bloods'


While discussing the New Jersey Supreme Court decision to make Gov. Chris Christie restore $500 million to the public school system, pundit Dennis Kneale compares public schools with "the Crips or the Bloods."

Other than the obvious race baiting by Kneale, this was also another typical segment for Fox's "Cost of Freedom" block of shows from their business channel that they air on Saturday mornings where it's one lone liberal ganged up on by the rest of the panel and where they're trashing public education. One of their favorite topics right behind trashing unions and crying about any tax increases for corporations.

Most of the Forbes panel seemed to be completely oblivious of the fact that it might cost more to educate children in poor areas of the state and that most of those parents don't have the luxury of "choosing" where their children go to school.

John wrote about the lower court's decision back in March here -- NJ Judge rules against Chris Christie: Budget cuts left N.J. schools unable to provide 'thorough and efficient' education"

And as Think Progress noted last month, Christie was considering defying the court order while it was pending before the New Jersey Supreme Court -- Gov. Chris Christie Considers Defying Court Order.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against Christie, it appears he's finally saying that he will not defy the order.

Court Overrules Gov. Christie, Orders More Spending For NJ’s Neediest Schools:

A ruling Tuesday from the New Jersey Supreme Court orders the state to spend more money on the poorest school districts despite Governor Chris Christie’s efforts to balance the budget.

But the governor says he will not defy the order.

The 3-2 decision orders the state to spend an additional $500 million on the 31 neediest districts around the state — far less than the $1.7 billion that education advocates had sought.

“We are pleased with the ruling because it reaffirms the constitutional rights of our students and the obligation of the state to provide a thorough and efficient public education,” said Steve Baker, a spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association. “We are of course disappointed that it applies only to the 31 Abbott districts.” Read on...

h/t Media Matters


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