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Gingrich Now Calling Sotomayor "Racialist"

h/t Think Progress. So much for that supposed "apology". Gingrich is back with more back peddling and more fear mongering over the nomination of Sonia

h/t Think Progress. So much for that supposed "apology". Gingrich is back with more back peddling and more fear mongering over the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.

CBS News reported the interview this way. Gingrich Opts To "Reframe" Racist Tweet:

Later in the program, Gingrich said he wished to "reframe" his initial comment calling Sotomayor a racist, when really he does not know the nominee and meant that her words were racist.

"One of the challenges for the administration is having first chided me for language, then having said she didn't mean it, and then having said she ought to restate it. Now they face the fact that she has said this, written about it four or five time," he argued.

"If you say people of this ethnic background are superior to people of this ethnic background, take out her language and put in the word 'white,' put in 'white male' where she had 'Latina,' that person would be disqualified from the court. Also would be disqualified as a juror."

Gingrich admitted that it is "very doubtful" that her comments would disqualify her as a high court pick. "I think she was a good prosecutor. I think she was an acceptable district court judge," he said.

But, Gingrich added, lower level judges "aren't in a position to live out whatever their prejudices are because they're bound by the Supreme Court," arguing that a lifetime appointment would put her in a position to radicalize the Court.

Gingrich's actual words:

When I did a Twitter about her, having read what she said, I said that was racist — but I applied it to her as a person. And the truth is I don’t know her as a person. It’s clear that what she said was racist, and it’s clear — or as somebody wrote recently, “racialist” if you prefer.

This "reframing" just looks another excuse to fling some more mud at her. I wonder if Newt has looked at what racialism actually means either. From Wikipedia:

Racialism is sometimes used as a synonym of racism.


Racialism entails a belief in the existence and significance of racial categories, but not necessarily in a hierarchy between the races, or in any political or ideological position of racial supremacy.

So which one is it you're smearing her with today, Newt? Synonym, or the latter? Newt's double talk makes my head hurt.

Between Gingrich and Liz Cheney, I can't decide which one I'm more sick of seeing on the television.

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