Hannity And Coulter Use The Gawker's Lowbrow Attack On Christine O'Donnell To Claim They Represent All Democrats


Why is this not a surprise? After The Gawker published an extremely sexist anonymous article attacking Christine O'Donnell for a sexless "one night stand", Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter used it as an excuse to go after all Democrats and paint the party as being misogynistic and racist. Sorry guys but a gossip rag writing a really nasty article about Christine O'Donnell that has absolutely no place in our political discourse, no matter how hypocritical her actions might be with moralizing about the sinfulness of masturbation, does not equal all Democrats behaving like sexist idiots.

Hannity and Coulter also claimed that Joy Behar on the view calling Sharron Angle a b**ch and Jerry Brown's staffer calling Meg Whitman a whore equals all Democrats being sexist as well. So apparently a talk show host and one staffer equals the entire Democratic party as well.

They also attacked Bill Clinton for throwing Kendrick Meek under the bus and asking for him to drop out of the race for the Senate in Florida and to endorse Charlie Crist, (and we'll see how that unfolds since apparently Meek is denying that report by Politico).

The huge stretch on that one -- Coulter accuses Obama of "wanting to be the only black Democrat in elected office." Yeah, okay Annie. Just when I thought this election cycle couldn't get any more ridiculous than it is already, this pair manages to prove me wrong, but nothing anyone on Fox says surprises me any more. The stupid, it hurts.

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