Jesse LaGreca Calls Out The Corporate Media For Ignoring The Working Class On This Week


During their panel discussion on ABC's This Week, Christiane Amanpour actually took some time out to bring on Daily Kos blogger Jesse LaGreca, otherwise known as Ministry of Truth, to give his perspective on the Occupy Wall Street protests. LaGreca did a good job on there and called the corporate media out for ignoring the working class in the United States.

LAGRECA: Well I think the matter at hand is that the working class people in America - as you know, the ninety nine percent of Americans who aren't wealthy and aren't prospering in this economy have been entirely ignored by the media.

Our political leaders pander to us but they don't take action. They stand in the way of change. They filibuster on behalf of the wealthiest one percent. They fold on behalf of the wealthiest one percent. So the conversation we need to have is about the future, about what type of country we really want to be. And I think the most important thing we can do in our occupation is to continue to push the narrative that's been ignored by so many pundits and political leaders.

I mean the reality is, I'm the only working class person you're going to see on Sunday news, political news... maybe ever. And I think that's very indicative of the failures of our media, to report on the news that matter most to working class people.

I have seen some working class people on the Sunday shows, but they're usually just panel members in some focus group and not getting any individual air time like LaGreca did here. The working class is definitely not represented well on these shows though. As a rule, these Sunday shows won't book anyone that actually represents the progressive side of the aisle at all. Or when they do, they're far outnumbered, as LaGreca was here.

LaGreca is not some paid professional pundit who's used to being on television that has their rehearsed talking points down pat. Given that fact, I'd say he did very well and held his own on there. He had some points he wanted to make and he made sure he got a chance to make them whether they wanted to hear them or not.


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