Jesse Watters Chides Bob Beckel For Saying Europeans Exterminated American Indians


I'm not sure how someone this stupid manages to find employment anywhere, much less on a television network with millions of viewers, but it's Fox, so this is the sort of idiocy we've come to expect from that network. On this Friday's The Five, guest co-host and O'Reilly ambush specialist Jesse Watters took offense to regular Bob Beckel pointing out that there was genocide committed against Native American Indians.

The segment was in response to another hit piece by Judicial Watch and Breitbart's site over some USDA "sensitivity training" where one Samuel Betances apparently gave a presentation where he told their workers that the "Pilgrims were illegal aliens." This of course has the right, that could care less about billions of dollars being wasted on our military industrial complex and starting wars freaking out about "government waste" and political correctness, which you can find many, many examples of here.

But back to the segment, here is the back and forth between Beckel and Watters after some of the others weighed in on their latest drummed up scandal to obsess over:

BECKEL: That's right, this is way out of their area of expertise, but I will say this again, the English, the Europeans came over and threw the Indians off their land, exterminated them, threw them into reservations...

WATTERS: Exterminated!! (crosstalk) So let me get this straight Bob. America's Founding Fathers, they came over here, colonized America and made it the great land that we are today. You're saying they exterminated a whole race of people?

BECKEL: I see you must have been educated in Chicago...

WATTERS: You don't really believe that, do you?

BECKEL: ... because the Founding Fathers came here a hundred years after the Pilgrims came here.

WATTERS: The colonists, Bob and all the principles that came over on the Mayflower... freedom...

BECKEL: What do you think they did with the Indians? What do you think they did with them?

WATTERS: What do you think they did with who?

BECKEL: Those Indians that occupied that land.

WATTERS: They ate corn and they had Thanksgiving.

BECKEL: Oh, I see. They all did that. I guess they had turkey, a little stuffing...

WATTERS: And they dressed (inaudible) and they wrapped themselves around blankets. Yeah. And they sang kumbaya.

I didn't think it was possible to lower the collective IQ of the hosts on The Five any further than they are already when regular Greg Gutfeld is on there. I was wrong. How dare anyone tell their audience anything other than the revisionist history we love to repeat about our treatment of Native Americans.


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