Karen Hanretty Uses The DMV To Fear Monger On Health Care Reform


Republican strategist Karen Hanretty does her best at a little fear mongering on health care reform by comparing a government run plan to....gasp...the DMV. Hey Karen, who do you think waits in line longer? Someone sitting in line on a Friday or Saturday night in a metro area emergency room, or someone on the busiest day of the week waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles? My personal experience has been the former.

I've heard this talking point on the DMV before, but apparently Ed hasn't. He almost laughed her off the set.

I included Jeanne Cummings from The Politico talking about their poll on government run health care as the lead up to Hanretty's remarks just as a reminder of why so many Americans have a negative view of it. The fear mongering that followed showing the poll results by the likes of Hanretty and the right wing noise machine is the reason for those numbers.


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