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Liz Cheney: Obama About To Snatch Defeat From Victory In Iraq

Here we go with more projection from Liz Cheney. When asked about President Obama's speech in Kansas last week where he talked about the Republican's being the party that is just looking out for the rich, the viewers of Fox News Sunday were treated

Here we go again with more projection from Liz Cheney. When asked about President Obama's speech in Kansas last week in which he talked about the Republicans being the party who are just looking out for the rich, the viewers of Fox News Sunday were treated by Cheney to political analysis that was about as ridiculous as when she claimed President Obama wanted to trash the economy on purpose for political benefit, as though a bad economy would somehow help his chances of being re-elected.

This week, it was more harping about regulations and the health care law somehow destroying our economy, lying that the stimulus bill didn't do any good to turn things around and pushing to have our social safety nets destroyed in the name of “entitlement reform”. And last but not least, claiming that President Obama is going to "lose" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because he's been pulling our troops out of there.

CHENEY: And I also want to point out that he's gotten a pass in many ways on national security and foreign policy. He right now as Commander in Chief is performing abysmally in regard to Afghanistan and Iraq. He's about to snatch defeat from victory in Iraq by pulling everybody out and not being able to accomplish even strategic agreement for long term relationships.

WALLACE: What about his comments in the press conference where he said ask, because there was all this stuff about him being an appeaser, and in the White House press conference he said, “Ask Osama bin Laden if I'm an appeaser?”

CHENEY: Right, he wants to talk about bin Laden. It's terrific that he got bin Laden. We all give him credit for that. But Iraq and Afghanistan are two place where this President is absolutely failing and in Afghanistan, he's pulling our troops out so fast that he's putting the mission at risk. We've got these two wars that have been incredibly important and in which we have sacrificed tremendous lives and treasure. This President's performance means we very well may lose both wars. And the only reason that that's not getting covered is because his performance on the economy is so abysmal.

Juan Williams gave some weak tea response, but he's correct that the American people are tired of having our troops there after ten long years and don't agree with neocons like Cheney and the biggest drag on Obama's poll numbers are due to the economy. Naturally, no one called Cheney out for the fact that there wouldn't be any wars invasions/occupations to "lose" if her father and George W. Bush had not lied to the American public to take us into those countries in the first place.

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