Obama Delivers Emotional Final Speech Of Campaign

President Obama's final campaign rally was held Monday night in Des Moines, Iowa, wrapping up the 2012 campaign with an emotional speech marked by references to his 2008 campaign and the Iowa caucus victory that helped catapult his political

Liz Cheney: Obama About To Snatch Defeat From Victory In Iraq

Here we go with more projection from Liz Cheney. When asked about President Obama's speech in Kansas last week where he talked about the Republican's being the party that is just looking out for the rich, the viewers of Fox News Sunday were treated

George Will Bravely Spearheads The 'Free Scrooge!' Movement

"He shall overcome."There are times when the leading intellectual lights of the Right get so cocky of their own victory that they unleash an ideological stinkbomb so rank that it will give pause to even the most enthusiastic Tea-Aid drinker. George

Mike's Blog Roundup

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