Liz Trotta Attacks MSNBC And 'Liberal Media' For Coverage Of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Here we go again with the talking heads over at Fox complaining about "liberal media bias" at MSNBC and other outlets. This Saturday, it was Liz Trotta complaining about the coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the media daring to allow black journalists to give their opinions about the case, and for their outrage over a lack of an arrest of George Zimmerman.

Fox's Greg Jarrett opened up the segment above with a slip of his own, where he said Trayvon Martin was "allegedly" killed, before quickly correcting himself. Things went downhill from there with Trotta. Her first example of the coverage she didn't like was Lawrence O'Donnell and The New York Times' Charles M. Blow, grilling George Zimmerman's "friend" Joe Oliver. Trotta disregarded the fact that they had a right to be skeptical of him, given some of the ridiculous statements he was being allowed to get away with making in other interviews, such as the one we posted of Oliver on ABC, where he claimed Zimmerman used the word "goon" instead of "coon" and that we were supposed to believe that anyone would use a "term of endearment" just before fighting with and shooting someone.

Trotta was also terribly upset that Mr. Blow has written "glowing portraits" of Martin and his mother, even though he did not know either of them before the shooting. Her next gripe was that MSNBC's Tamron Hall and anchor Lester Holt were allowed to talk about how they've been racially profiled on NBC Nightly News. Because lord knows we can't have any "objectivity" if we allow black people to discuss the fact that this kind of thing goes on every day and that it had everything to do with why Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin in the first place. But that's not allowed at Fox.

And naturally Trotta doesn't like it that Al Sharpton is allowed to be anchoring a show at MSNBC and be an advocate for this cause as well. Because we all know Fox would never do something like that ... right? Unless of course you consider the "tea party" or Bill O'Reilly being allowed to come on the air and rail about an abortion doctor until someone killed him.

No one at Fox has a right to complain about another network's biases when they're operating as a political arm of the Republican Party on a daily basis and allowing their guests like Liz Trotta to do the same.

And one final thought on this. Liz Trotta was complaining that Zimmerman is being convicted by the media and how unfair that is. One, the media was late to this story. This didn't really garner any national attention until over a month had already gone by and there was no arrest. If Zimmerman is not arrested and charged within a certain amount of time, there's a statute of limitations where he's going to just walk free and never make it into a court of law, which is something one of the attorneys discussed on Al Sharpton's show this week. And Jarrett's remarks about black on black crime are ridiculous because if the police know who shot someone in those incidences, they're arrested and charged. That's not the case here which is what's sparking the outrage.


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