Liz Trotta Mocks Obama For Bringing Out Bill Clinton To Stump For Deal With Republicans


One of the more irritating things about Obama's decision to hand Republicans even more than they hoped for with this recent "negotiation" is seeing segments like this on over at Fox "News" far too often. After mocking Obama for cutting out of his press conference where he trotted out the former triangulator in chief Bill Clinton to stump for the deal, Liz Trotta also had herself a good laugh over the in-fighting going on now in the Democratic Party.

Pemmaraju: It was certainly amusing. I mean it seemed like a flashback to the nineties with President Clinton there at the helm. It looked like he really was enjoying himself. Why do you think he did this?

Trotta: Well I think quite frankly there is a great anti-Obama backlash coming from the liberals, especially the progressives. I can give you one sample, which we saw a little bit too early, but here it is again. This comes from the Huffington Post by Robert Kuttner.

And he writes, "The question is whether Obama and the Democrats can change the national understanding of what caused the economic collapse and who is blocking the recovery… I don't have high expectations for Obama. I cannot recall a president who generated so much excitement as a candidate, but who turned out to be such a political dud as chief executive."

This is the kind of thing you're getting throughout all of the newspaper world, the magazine world. You've got Mark Halperin over at Time Magazine calling him, calling Obama that is an over compromising wimp. You've got even Mike Barnicle over at MSNBC say the press has deified and glorified Obama and yes the media was guilty and we shouldn't have done that.

So what we’re now, what we’re now seeing really is an Obama who has a compromise. He knows he's in trouble and the latest stab to the wound is Bill Clinton coming in to save the day.

So Obama gets called a wimp and they continue to take cheap shots at him, which won't stop because they hate the president with every fiber of their being and they get to trash his liberal base who they hate even more. Bravo.

And note to Liz, if you were trying to imply that Mark Halperin or Mike Barnicle are either liberals or journalists, they're neither. They're a couple of inside the beltway Villager pundits who spout the same type of crap that you do daily; which is everything that benefits large corporations and Wall Street is good and so is anything that pisses off liberals.


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