Michael Moore Putting Together Search Committee To Recruit Winning Democratic Candidates In Michigan


Michael Moore continued making the rounds this Thursday on The Ed Schultz Show to discuss what's going on in Michigan with the passage of their union busting "right to work for less" law. Moore reiterated his disgust for what's happened to his home state, where the middle class was born. Apparently Moore would like to help do something about that though.

MOORE: A number of things are going to happen. First of all, the unions and the Democratic party there are going to use every legal means possible to obstruct this thing that they've done, which is against the will of the people. That's number one.

Number two, the Democratic Party of Michigan has got to run candidates who are going to win. And in the last two days I've spent a lot of time talking to friends and colleagues in Michigan, and we're going to put together our own search committee. We are going to recruit candidates who are going to win. We don't need to win all the seats. We just need to identify just a few. We're only behind by a few, a few seats, and remove those Republicans in 2014 and get someone to run for governor who's going to win.

You know, you had Verge on last night, he's great guy, Lansing mayor, but, you know, it's like the Republicans, they run somebody that wins. This is why they have both of these governorships. I think we need to run -- if I were the Michigan Democratic Party, I would be approaching beloved Democrats in the state of Michigan who the people would love -- a number of ex- Red Wings, for instance.


MOORE: Denise Ilitch, from the Ilitch family that owns the Tigers and the Red Wings and Little Caesars. They're Democrats.

SCHULTZ: People that people like.

MOORE: They like them, and that family's a beloved business and the sports teams. I mean, why not run people, that the people like? That's what the Republicans have done -- they ran Schwarzenegger in California. they run -- they always run these people -- Reagan...

SCHULTZ: So you're hands-on to get good candidates.

MOORE: Absolutely and we've got to start that now, not next month or next year. That has to start right now. and we're starting it right now.

All I can say is I wish him and the state of Michigan luck with recruiting some winning candidates. Republicans have done so much damage already, it's hard to see a lot of it ever being turned back.


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