Monica Crowley: Occupy Wall Street Movement Was Orchestrated By President Obama To Attack Mitt Romney


From this Wednesday night's The O'Reilly Factor, Monica Crowley is pretty desperate here with this ridiculous bit of hackery, claiming that it's actually President Obama that started the Occupy Wall Street movement in a coy move to help him beat Mr. One Percent Mitt Romney during the upcoming presidential election, because they were aware he was going to be the candidate all along and now they can use the issue of income inequality to run on.

I hate to break it to Monica Crowley, but with Romney's background at Bain Capital as a vulture capitalist, they weren't going to need any help to frame the debate that way should he become the Republican nominee. And if she's silly enough to think that the Occupy movement is supportive of President Obama as a whole and isn't as upset about a lot of his policies as a lot of conservatives are, or that a lot of liberals and Libertarians that are members of the movement are as well, then she obviously hasn't been following them. Or what's more likely is she knows they're not fully supportive of the President, much less some AstroTurf movement like those teabaggers they like to pretend are grass roots, and she's just lying and doesn't care because she knows the Fox-bots who watch O'Reilly's show won't know the difference.

Here's more from our friends at News Hounds -- Today In Monica Crowley Conspiracy Theories: Occupy Wall Street An Obama Re-Election Technique To Attack Romney:

Leave it to Monica Crowley to find a way to find some hidden evil in the scrutiny of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. The same Monica Crowley who thought CBS’ Bob Schieffer gave secretly coded campaign suggestions to David Axelrod, who saw attacks on Rush Limbaugh as a stealth way to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and – my personal favorite – blamed the Obama administration for her decision not to eat a cheeseburgerthat Monica Crowley has a new conspiracy theory, that the Occupy Wall Street movement was set up in advance to help President Obama attack Mitt Romney, his likely opponent.

Seems to be a habit with Ms. Crowley, doesn't it?


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