Neil Cavuto: Bernie Sanders Will Need Depends To Filibuster Tax Cut Deal


Our friends at News Hounds caught this one from the other day. Besides the fact that it is completely disrespectful to Sen. Sanders, I've got another point to make. What Bernie Sanders did the other day with his eight and a half hour long speech on the floor of the Senate was not technically a filibuster. No one seems to think it's necessary to make a Senator who wants to hold up a bill actually take to the floor and do what Bernie did. All they have to do is put an anonymous hold on a bill and they're allowed to muck up the whole works.

So sorry Neil, but unless you think that Jim DeMint and the rest of the Republican obstructionists we've been putting up with for the last two years that would be happier to see President Obama be a one term president than actually caring about the process of legislating should be breaking out the Depends every time they want to obstruct as well, neither should Sen. Sanders.

Heaven forbid someone at Fox might actually pay attention to the facts about how broken the Senate is and tell their viewers the truth about how easy it's been for them to obstruct instead of just using what Bernie did to insult him. If Cavuto thinks Sen. Sanders needs some depends to filibuster, then I say Depends for all of them! Break them out along with the cots. When Neil Cavuto "respectfully" asks a Republican Senator to break out the diapers while holding up a bill, we'll know he didn't mean to just be insulting. I'm not holding my breath.

That said I have heard some rumors that David Vitter just might be persuaded to wear Depends on the Senate floor voluntarily, filibuster or not.

Cavuto Says Bernie Sanders Will Need Depends To Filibuster Tax Cut Deal:

On Friday’s (12/10/10) Your World, Neil Cavuto spoke while Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was filibustering the tax cut deal. Cavuto said "He has been doing this for the better part of six hours right now… He does not like this legislation at all… So he’s gonna talk and talk and talk. It’s a way of filibustering to delay a vote. Unfortunately, the reality is that they're going to vote on this on Monday, so unless the fine Senator brought Depends with him and a strong will, he’s going to be there a very very long time. No offense. I'm sorry if anyone took offense."

Yes, Neil, a lot of people will take offense.


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